BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma Hits the 3DS eShop this Week

Not all that long ago, people would look at you in a complete state of confusion at the mention of “BlazBlue”. After all, this is a relatively new IP, having only a few years under its belt, and up until recently is a franchise synonymous with the fighting game genre. As of late, though, the IP has done what it can to branch outside of its borders, first giving us the PS3 and Vita visual novel, XBlaze, and now developer Arc System Works is back with a beat-em-up for the 3DS.

It was talked about a while ago that Clone Phantasma would release in the West for Nintendo’s juggernaut of a handheld. But it’s been quite some time since those plans were unveiled, leaving many to forget about the title entirely, or abandoning hope for a Western release. Today’s news, however, has shown us that ASW delivers on their word as they announced the chibi brawler will launch this coming Thursday on the 3DS eShop for $5.99. As mentioned, Clone is a pint-sized beat-em-up that uses the characters and setting from the established BlazBlue lore. It’s a fairly simple game, only consisting of two modes, but — as you can see from the video below — is bubbling over with charm. For all the details on what it offers in specific, be sure to visit the official website here.