Shenmue Gets Fan-Made HD Remaster, is Beautiful

Sega is something of a shell of their former selves. The once highly praised developer has fallen from their prestigious positions in recent years, dedicating most of their efforts to mobile ventures and bad Sonic titles. However, beneath the mess that they’ve become, exists a backlog of games that range from spectacular to staples synonymous with the medium itself. One of their most coveted gems, though, is the Dreamcast’s claim to fame: Shenmue. Shenmue was a fantastic RPG for many reasons, one of which being its ability to pull off being an open-world adventure before such games were really even a thing. Tack that onto a meticulously realized and detailed fictional account of 1980s Japan, a robust combat engine and compelling narrative hooks, and it’s quite plain to see why the game is remembered so fondly.

And yet, despite fans’ constant attempts, petitions and pleads for the publisher to do something with the series that abruptly ended after its second installment, leaving folks without any kind of closure (as it was written and planned as a trilogy), Sega has dropped the ball. Recognizing this, one fan took it upon himself to bring eyes back to the franchise. Earlier today, one die-hard Shenmue loyalist from Korea showed off his work on a fan-made project; a project that showcased hundreds of hours of diligently hammering away at bringing the Dreamcast title into the HD era via a high-definition remastering of sorts. While the endeavor is far from complete — and for the record, we don’t suspect it will ever make it that far, seeing as a cease-and-desist letter is probably en route already — what is finalized is quite amazing, especially considering this is the effort of a single person.

But enough of talk, put eyes to the trailer yourself and let us know your impressions. Moreover, sound off in the comments to let us know your memories of Shenmue, or on what system you would like to see a new (or old) Shenmue debut.