Cavern Kings Reaches $10K Funding Goal, Unearths Tons of New Content And Online Multiplayer

It must be a pretty great day to be Vine . Cavern Kings, the adorable, powerup-heavy pixellated high-action roguelite just hit its huge $10000 stretch goal on its Kickstarter, officially quadrupling the requested funding amount.

With this comes tons of new features: character skins, more polished visuals, even more playable characters, more weapons, online leaderboards and online multiplayer. You’ll be able to team up with friends to brave the depths against the cute and fearsome swarms of enemies.

Also teased have been a new lighting and dynamic camera system, both of which will help to make the game feel more claustrophobic and intense.

If you haven’t already backed Cavern Kings (and you don’t have an excuse not to at this point), anything over $10 will get you access to the game upon release AND any beta versions from now til then.