Detroit’s First StarCraft II Tournament: Red Bull Battle Grounds Brings Top Competitors to the Motor City

Native Michiganders: It’s happening! No longer will Columbus be the epicenter of eSports. Fans of high-octane competitive RTS action need look no further than the Garden Theatre this weekend, where over one hundred of the most agile-fingered and nimble-minded gamers will duke it out between August 22nd and 24th.

The competition is a 128-player open format tournament.At stake is a $25,000 prize pool and a shot at the last remaining spot to the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals, to be held in D.C. next month.

Their competition includes Scarlett, Bomber, Trap, DongRaeGu, sOs, PartinG and Cure, everything but slouches when it comes to crushing the best of the best. Cure just knocked out herO and Polt in the Battle Grounds Online in a major upset win.

A lineup of heavy-hitters have already been announced for Detroit: puCK, desRow and Trust representing Protoss, MajOr, qxc and Polt (ladies, keep it together) for Terran and HyuN, Temp0, viOLet and Gamja for the creepy-crawly Zerg alongside MANY more. For any fans of the scene in the area, it is a must-attend event. The games will be casted by celebrities Axeltoss, ToD, Nathanias and RotterdaM, ensuring high-quality commentary alongside the top-tier gameplay.

Not excited yet? Here’s a teaser video for the event:

Tickets to the three-day event are here and anyone not capable of attending can tune in here.

Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for our coverage of the event.