Taking a Look Back at the 2014 Pokémon World Championships

We all know how difficult it can be to play through some games let alone compete against others. Pokémon is one of those games that takes strategy to a whole new level. Players struggle finding the right balance of a team. Even though they’re just sprites on a screen, there’s a tremendous amount of chemistry that goes into battling. Game Freak specifically designs Pokémon to be used under certain roles whether it be defensive tanks or speedy sweepers. That variety gets mixed in with different types, items and abilities to create millions of possibilities. Then, the TCG opportunities are even more infinite. There are trainer cards and multiple differences between species which adds even more millions of varieties.

At the 2014 World Championships there could only be one winner in each age bracket. For those brave and determined competitors, the road to the finals put their critical thinking to the ultimate test. It takes a truly devoted fan to strive for the goal of being on top of the world. The 2014 World Championships brought together Pokémaniacs from all over the globe where they could laugh, play and trade together. They created new friendships and rekindled old ones. It is a truly magical experience that no one thought these little pocket-sized monsters could have an effect this great on fans of all ages and walks of life. Game Freak, the Pokémon Company International and Nintendo thanks all who had a hand in this franchises’ success with a special tribute video of the event.