500GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive Launches This Week

Running out of precious storage space on your Xbox 360? Well have no fear, Microsoft has the solution for you. On Friday August 22, an Xbox 360 500GB hard drive will launch in the US and is compatible with all post-2010 Xbox 360 models, and it’s relatively cheap. Retailing for only $109.99, the 500GB hardrive is actually cheaper than the 320GB hard drive, which comes in at a hefty $129.99.

In 2010, Microsoft launched a new model of the Xbox 360 containing a 250GB hard drive and offered the 320GB hard drive as the most storage you can obtain.  Unlike the PS3, Microsoft used proprietary hard drives for the Xbox 360 making it impossible to go beyond the regulated amount. This 500GB hard drive is a huge boon to those still gaming on Xbox 360 and enjoy to download games, DLC, movies, and TV shows, which all take up a lot of storage space.