Dragon Ball Xenoverse Screenshots Showcase Character Creation

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the latest from Burst Limit developer Dimps, will be launching in 2015 with something few games in its genre tackle: character creation. Players will be able to choose their gender, race (Earthling, Majin, Namekian), height, hairstyle, outfit and possibly ab count (among other customization options) before jumping into the non-canon shenanigans.

Yes, for the first time in series history, you’ll be able to go Super Saiyan with females. 

The game also includes an all new story in which players assume the role of a mysterious character, some new areas (large-scale, 3D destructible environments) and gameplay features fit for current-gen consoles. Reportedly, Xenoverse boasts some free-roaming too, with Dragon Ball’s planet earth explorable to an extent.

Check out the screenshots below and start planning the sexy.