Humble Weekly Extra Credits Bundle Released

This week’s Humble Weekly Bundle is one to pay attention to. The pay what you want tier features Enemy Mind, One Finger Death Punch, and Two Brothers. We covered Two Brothers before its full release, and if you want a more action-oriented overhead Legend of Zelda-style game, it’s a must-own. Plus, you get a prequel comic here and OSTs for Enemy Mind and Two Brothers. If you beat the average of about $7, you’ll get Master Reboot and Stick It to the Man. Of these, only Master Reboot comes with an OST. Finally, there’s a $15 tier with Ether One: Deluxe Edition and an early access version of Hand of Fate, alongside an OST for Ether One. Everything in this humble bundle is new to the humble bundle franchise, and this bundle gets you a wide variety of genres to play through, with an action RPG, side-scrolling shooter, a twitch game, an immersive first-person adventure, a card game, and a quirky platformer.