Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit: Day 1 Recap

The Motor City’s first StarCraft II tournament got off the ground with a bang. Commentators ToD, Nathanias, Axeltoss, HasuObs, RotterdaM, joined by a handful of notable players (including StarDust), took turns casting games featuring everything from local talent to top-tier gamers from Korea.

Red Bull Rosie – the logic-defyingly large, matte-black mobile DJ booth – was posted up in front of the venue, the Garden Theatre, pumping high-energy beats up and down Woodward Avenue. The inside of the theater was entirely converted into a high-tech nerd’s paradise. The Player’s Lounge featured a giant screen with the mainstage match and tons of couches and bean bags for the tired gamers.

The mainstage was awesome – an elevated platform with two computer desks , separated such that the opponents cannot see one another. Players duked it out while donning noise-cancelling headphones under LEDs and spotlights to the applause and cheers of fans sitting as close as ten feet in front of them.

On this stage, some of the most entertaining matches of the day unfolded: qxc 2-0’d two separate players, with three of the matches featuring his micromanagement of an absurd amount of Reaper units. EG’s Suppy slow-baneling dropped mineral lines in back-to-back games, netting him a 2-0 victory and tons of laughs.

The initial pool of 128 players was narrowed to just 32 by the end of the day. Local favorites like retired pro David “Walshy” Walsh, Ehren “Wingnut” Benson unfortunately did not make it out of the group stage, but Evan “Winter” Ballnik and eNtitY both were able to make it to the round of 64 before falling to Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan and Kim “SuperNova” Young Jin, respectively.

Scene celebrity Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra, known for his entertaining commentary and unorthodox gameplay, has moved on to the round of 32, where he will face off against the Canadian Protoss Bones in tomorrow’s series.

Two other notable personalities in the SC2 community, Kwame “Temp0” Mensah, known for his awesome and often hilarious StarCraft-themed song parodies, and Lycan (or Lycangrope) of GosuPizza and Church of Taeja fame, also did not move on, the former eliminated in the group stage and the latter in the round of 64.

Tomorrow promises tons of exciting matches between the best of this tournament’s entrants. Stay tuned for Hardcore Gamer’s continued coverage.