Pillar Announced For PlayStation 4

With PT getting everyone excited about the horror genre, and Silent Hills set to send Levi’s sales through the roof to have some spare pairs handy, psychological games are back in vogue. Michael Hicks is set to give people a psychological thriller without requiring a new pair of pants with a minigame collection called Pillar. He’s created a series of minigames that represent different personality types in people. He was inspired by the movie Magnolia and realized that games could weave a multi-character storyline seamlessly and set out to do the same thing.

He also took inspiration from the Myers-Briggs self-assessment test, and everything in that test is in the game. He’s actually tested it on his friends and family and been surprised by the results. He’s setting out to avoid traditional gaming storytelling. He’s going for a non-verbal story, and the gameplay mechanics will tell the tale. You can check out more information on the official website if it strikes your fancy.