The Fall Releases on Wii U Today

The Fall was a little game released on Steam not too long ago after being successfully funded on Kickstarter. It was met with mostly praise, with many folks seeing it as something of a 2.5D version of Deadspace, or even a more methodical Metroid. That got your attention, eh? Well, the gameplay is actually as decent as it sounds, with an atmosphere that is¬†brooding and oppressive to boot. Regardless, the game was also set for a Wii U release, after meeting its stretch-goal during the funding campaign, and thus launched today. While such news may normally slip under the radar, we felt it necessary to draw attention to The Fall as it always piques our interest when a new game, and one that can’t be found on the other consoles, hits the Big N’s newest baby.

For a look at what The Fall is all about, Nintendo themselves posted a quick trailer of the title via their YouTube. Check it out below.

For interested parties, head on over to the eShop; the game is sitting pretty at $10.