XSEED Launches Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Expansion ‘Prison of the Gods’

Back in April we reviewed XSEED Games’ Ragnarok Odyssey: Ace; while part of the experience was enjoyable, there were various limitations holding it back. Since then the game has gone on to cultivate a pretty dedicated base of fans, which we can only assume factored in to today’s news. Earlier this afternoon, XSEED announced that a new expansion pack, entitled Prison of the Gods, has gone live for the PS3 and Vita action-RPG. With this upgrade comes several new additions to the already content-filled ACE. Take a look at what all comes with the expansion:

  • New “boss rush” mode— Named Prison of the Gods, this mode offers a gauntlet of epic (and customizable) battles with rare rewards going out to the victors
  • New Rotating Quests— Available through the Quest Counter, these quests offer new challenges and rewards geared toward players of different classes
  • Norn Exchange— New items and random rare monster cards are now available, plus players can also purchase even rarer cards with the new Emperium Fragments
  • Daily Login Bonuses— Speak with the NPC Norn each day and get a little something nice just for stopping by
  • Rankings Board— Players can compare their exploits and vie for the title of “World’s Strongest Mercenary” via the Quest Counter
  • Three new DLC Sets— Exclusive to expansion players: The Absolute Destroyer Zero set is a suit of frozen armor with icy crown, the Crimson Menace set is a full suit of molten lava with two horned helmets to choose from, and the Gods and Pirates set features two majestic helmets and a classic pirate captain hat
  • Minor bug fixes— Various updates enhance gameplay

That’s a hefty content upgrade, with many of the enhancements actually be of merit. Needless to say, those who may have put ACE down after seeing everything they could may want to come back for this one; if you’ve been waiting to get in on the RO action, then ACE, with all this new content, is probably just the place to start.