CHUDCHUD Announces Temple of Yog for Wii U eShop

Temple of Yog is a new roguelike adventure game that will utilize the Wii U gamepad in a unique way.

The playable area in Temple of Yog will span the TV screen and Wii U gamepad as you travel through “precedurally generated dungeons.” You’ll play as “tributes” of a random class and stats as you go through the dungeons to provide a sacrifice to the temple, and in doing so change the game world into a more advanced form.

CHUDCHUD plans to use the gamepad to split the world into light and dark much like Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, however, a butterfly that’s┬árepresented in the light world (TV) could be a “hellbeast” in the shadow world (gamepad).

Below is the “Temple of Yog Sacrifice” teaser trailer where the objective looks as if you’re supposed to die, because you kind of are. Only through sacrificing a tribute to the Temple of Yog can progress in the village be made. It’ll be interesting to see how that dynamic and utilization of the gamepad all play out.

Temple of Yog will exclusively be available for the Wii U via eShop.