Ed Boon’s Latest Mortal Kombat X Character Tease: Match the Feet

Mortal Kombat X disappointed many viewers on Twitch with its PAX Prime Demo containing no new character announcement. The notoriously enigmatic franchise creator Ed Boon couldn’t leave it at that. With his latest tweet, he seems to have revealed six more characters for the MKX roster … by revealing their feet.

Let’s analyze this. It’s likely that the colors are completely stripped away, although I first thought it was Noob Saibot and varieties. This makes it impossible to get easy clues from color samples, sneaky Boon. For all we know, some of these could even be the feet of characters we’ve already seen. The first one could easily be Scorpion, for example. However the fourth one could be Sheeva, given that two-toes is a trait of the Shokan race, and those feet are too dainty to be Goro or Kintaro.

Have any guesses as to whose feet these are? Post them in the comments section.