Boozeless 1920s Fighter “Speakeasy” Roars Its Way Onto PS4 Later This Year

In what can only be assumed to be the most accurate portrayal of the Prohibition era, Speakeasy is an upcoming game featuring caricatures of period personalities and twitch combat.

Players select between a number of modes – Quick Play, Tag Team and more – and utilize a small set of moves in order to one-hit KO their opponent. Opting for vastly simplified gameplay, this multiplayer-only fighter will be a must at boozy gamer get-togethers.

Characters come with a block, a feint and an attack, each of which can only be used once. Blocking an enemy’s attack leaves them without offense, feinting and forcing them to block leaves them defenseless. If two characters affront each other with their attacks simultaneously, a rapid-fire set of quicktime events occur until one slips up.

Speakeasy will drop later this year on PlayStation 4, and releases on other consoles later.