Warframe Launches on Xbox One

Released on PC and PlayStation 4 last year, Warframe has taken the world by storm with its dynamic set of offerings. Well now Xbox owners will get a chance to become space ninjas as Digital Extremes has released Warframe for the Xbox One. This is a free-to-play game that’s chalked full of various mechanics and is updated almost on a monthly basis, changing how the game plays in some cases and adding a ton of content.

While the free-to-play model may have some concerned going in, know that players have the chance to earn virtually everything in the marketplace. If they don’t want go to through the process of collecting all the materials and blueprints to create the item, though, they have the ability to buy it with Platinum. You’ll only have to spend money if you get deep into the game and want to build more weapons, Warframes and Sentinels, without throwing existing ones away.