The Stomping Land Kicked From Steam

Remember The Stomping Land?  A multiplayer survival game with dinosaurs that took in almost 6x its Kickstarter goal and then was released on Steam Early Access?  If not, consider yourself lucky, and if you do then I hope you’re not one of the people who gave it money.  The Stomping Land has been removed from sale from Steam today, and while there’s no official reason for its removal the complete lack of developer communication since June-ish might have something to do with it.  The Stomping Land’s Facebook page?  Nothing since May.  Twitter feed?  Mid-June.  Whatever’s going on with the developer, SuperCrit LLC, they aren’t talking, and seem to have wandered off hoping nobody notices their absence.  That’s pretty sad, seeing as at one time The Stomping Land sat comfortably near the top of Steam’s best-seller tab.

As for what happens next, there’s unfortunately no information to know.  The Stomping Lands wasn’t cheap at $25, and it sold well, but Steam doesn’t do refunds so the buyers are most likely out of luck.  Kickstarter backers are equally left holding the bag, although on the plus side most of them only got taken for $15.  It’s not definite SuperCrit has taken the money and run, or promised too much and had a meltdown when they realized they didn’t have the talent to deliver, but as I’ve harped on endlessly the key to both Kickstarter and Early Access is communication.  SuperCrit has been dark since June.  It’s not unreasonable to assume they’re gone.  Maybe they’ll come back.  Maybe they’ll offer refunds and an apology.  Maybe they invented a dog that stays a puppy forever and cleans up its own poop.  No matter what happens, though, The Stomping Land is now another negative example of both Kickstarter and Early Access.  Speaking as someone who loves the energy, talent, and passion on display with the vast majority of developers operating in both markets, that’s really disappointing to see.