Alone in the Dark: Illumination Screenshots Are Gloomy And Haunting

The town of Lorwich, Virginia was bustling with business until a flood swallowed the local mining facility. Lorwich was evacuated, and soon after abandoned for good. Fast forward, and reports of strange creatures and supernatural occurrences keep locals from visiting the once industrial metropolis. According to legend, a force known as The Darkness is responsible. It’s up to you to make things right.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination has a lot to prove when it launches in Autumn, 2014. Survival horrors  have grown since 2008’s Alone in the Dark, and mediocrity is slowly losing its grip on the genre. Whether an interesting premise and a multitude of entries — ranging from respected to below average — are enough to captivate the series’s fans has yet to be determined, but the screenshots released today showcase a gritty, scarily evocative world that looks ripe for exploration.

For more creepiness, check out the first Alone in the Dark: Illumination trailer by clicking these words.