In Last Day Of Funding, Cheapass Games’ Fish Cook Aims To Feature More Gaming Celebrities

Already including Patrick Rothfuss, author of the awesome Kingkiller Chronicles, actress Jen Paige and Fluxx game designer Andy Looney, the quick and engaging economic strategy game Fish Cook‘s is an innovative take on board games with a dash of humor and economic strategy.

Fish Cook puts players in the shoes and chef hat of a Parisian cook circa 1909 who is vying to become the creme de la creme of French chefs. Players compete to obtain the best ingredients for the lowest prices and to create the best recipes from these ingredients. The game utilizes the concept of scarcity well and rewards min-maxing mentality.

Originally designed by Cheapass Games’ James Ernest, he and his team have paired up with Cat Duo who will bring the game to digital platforms. Only one copy of the game will be required for multiple people to play through the use of the Jovios controller app for touch devices.

The game’s digital version is funded, but in its last day of fundraising it is attempting to reach a number of stretch goals which will allow for the inclusion of game designers, webcomic personalities and more as celebrity chefs for players to control.

Check it out on Kickstarter.