Master Skins Revealed Alongside Updated Character Progression System In Heroes Of The Storm

Coming soon to Heroes of the Storm will be a reworked character-specific progression system and, more excitingly, a set of Master Skins which players will be able to use to show off their prowess with a given Hero.

The updated progression system will be as follows:


All hero talents will be unlocked at level 4 (as opposed to the highly controversial 8 which was changed a patch or few back), and a slew of cosmetic changes will unlock from 6-10. After level 10, additional levels will earn Hero-specific rewards.

Each Master Skin will come in two color variations, both unlocked at Hero level 10. They can be purchased from the in-game store and are seriously badass.

Here is a look at some of the WarCraft universe Hero skins: Arthas, Brightwing, Falstad and Illidan.



More from WarCraft: Li Li, Muradin, Tyrande and Uther. (Not pictured: Stitches)


From the StarCraft universe: Abathur, Kerrigan, Nova and Raynor.


More from StarCraft: Tassadar, Tychus, Zagara and Zeratul.


And finally, from the Diablo universe: Diablo, Sonya, Tyrael, and Valla.