Eminence: Xander’s Tales Brings Stylish Online Multiplayer Card Collecting And Role Playing To Kickstarter

With Hearthstone‘s recent success, it seems like there are more and more digital collectible/trading card games cluttering up the Steam, iOS and Android app stores. Fortunately for those with a competitive card battling itch in desperate need of being scratched, the team at Aeterna Studios have come up with an awesome concept in the form of Eminence: Xander’s Tales.

The planet of Artalys is dying. An unforgiving sun is forcing the planet into its fifth cycle of cataclysmic destruction, and war has broken out against the three main factions – Aeterna, Wilkurse, and Ixion – over possession of ancient alchemical relics.

Xander, an alchemist of untold age, seeks to synthesize a solution to the world’s troubles amid this conflict. A former student of his, Kronos, once a paragon of justice, has become power-hungry and seeks the relics for his own purposes and, most eerily, Malphas, a legendary warrior long-dead, is rumored to be amassing an army of undead warriors.

The game will be a hybrid MMO-CCG, with a colorful Genndy Tartakovsky-meets-Transistor art style and open world of players to explore alongside intense and brutal card-based combat. Players, individually or in Guilds, will face off against one another in a strategic duel wherein the victor can take the loser’s cards.

Eminence has a ridiculous amount of promise between its interesting premise, beautiful artwork and complex gameplay.

Back it today on Kickstarter and give it a yes-vote on Greenlight.