Party Up And Get Ready To Conquer Dungeon Kingdom: Sign Of The Moon

Holy hot damn it has been a while since there was a good dungeon crawler. Even longer since there was a great looking one. Thankfully, the Paris-based Hydro Games have launched an Indiegogo and Greenlight campaign for Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon and it’s looking capital-A awesome.

Dungeon Kingdom puts you in control of a four-person party. In real-time (that’s right, it’s not turn based. Head explode yet?), players will come face-to-face with intelligent enemies, perilous traps and tons of treasure. So far, only one track has gone public, but the spritely, bard-like nature of the tune is promising.

One of the coolest features is that the game will be cross-platform, with saves on PC carrying over to iOS or Android devices. If you need your fix of dungeons and danger, this is where to find it. Back the game on Indiegogo and give it a yes-vote on Greenlight.