Enjoy Hot And Heavy Ship-On-Ship Action While Spreading Capitalism Across The Universe In Star Traders 2 RPG

What comes to mind when you hear “massive non-linear open-universe procedurally generated turn-based space opera with a focus on economic and political interaction?” If you’re sitting there slack-jawed, it’s because you haven’t heard of the Star Traders series and its latest entry, Star Traders 2 RPG.

Star Traders 2 is the latest in the series of high-strategy mercantile RPGs by Trese Brothers games. Players will be in control of a Captain and hand-picked crew members and an entirely customizable spaceship with which they will forge their own legend across the game’s many environments.

For years unknown, various star systems have existed in isolation. With the rediscovery of hyperwarp gate technology, sectors long left to their own devices are experiencing conflict and commerce on unimaginable scales.

Featuring over a half-dozen quadrants, each teeming with planetary bodies to explore and rich with their own conflicts and sets of goods, the expansive nature of the game alongside the heavy amount of procedural generation will guarantee a unique experience for each player.

Each interaction will have its own consequences, and player’s relationships with individuals of varying rank will affect their travels across the stars. The Kickstarter page is rich with lore, and the universe is a veritable space junkie’s dream.

Backing the game for 5$ or more will net investors a copy for Android, Mac, PC, Linux or iOS, and higher tiers will provide more tangible rewards, up to designing an entire sector of the universe.

Star Traders 2 RPG is set to blast off in 2015.