Destiny Brings the Fun Back to Our Solar System

Space, the final frontier. It’s a popular setting for all kinds of movies, books and TV shows. But never has it been so widely used as a location as it is in video games. In fact, less than ten years after the Apollo moon landing, Space Invaders was released in arcades. Everybody loves exploring the depths of darkness and coming across entirely strange alien life. We’ve traveled from Talon IV to Reach to Palma. Now, it’s all coming back home with Destiny. 

the reef
The latest first-person shooter,  from the folks that brought us Halo, doesn’t take place on some far off alien planet. Destiny allows us to explore planets we’re already familiar with. It’s sort of a breath of fresh air, even though on some of our planets you can’t breathe at all. But it’s okay, because you’ll get to traverse many of the moons, planets and spaces in-between of the Milky Way.

You’ll be able to make a landing on Mercury for PvP action. It’s the closest planet to the Sun, anybody who’s been in the first grade knows that. Because of that, the planet looks to be a scorching wasteland with some worn down structures for cover. Mars, the planet everybody wants to find life on, was home to a bustling city that’s now been buried beneath the land. Skyscrapers still poke through the dunes while two races of aliens battle against each other. The Earth’s Moon has only been walked upon by twelve people in the history of space exploration. In Destiny, the Moon is home to vile criminals in the underground prison– Hellmouth. There’s even locations to explore within the asteroid belt. The Reef lies between Mars and Jupiter. It’s actually a field of debris with people inhabiting the space junk. There are even bounty missions to accept. Real world locations on Earth include Chicago and Russia which actually shows the wide our world is. It’s a good mix of realism and fantasy.

old russia

The Solar System has plenty more planets and secrets to discover. Heck, the entire galaxy and universe are at our disposal. While Destiny does include new planets, they’re not the main focus. Including alien species is necessary to drive the story as well as the action. Wouldn’t be able to do much with nothing inhabiting the planets. Regardless, keeping things close to home is refreshing. Space games are all over the place and Destiny is keeping within familiar territory.

Check back soon for our final review.