Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Detailed

EA and Dice have released brand new details concerning Battlefield 4’s final DLC expansion, Final Stand. Inspired by Battlefield 2142, Final Stand takes players to top secret research facilities in Russia to get their hands on some futuristic weapons and vehicles.

As with previous expansions, Final Stand will include four multiplayer maps, new weapons, a new vehicle, and brand new customization options. Set in Russian research facilities, players will get their hands on secret prototype weapons and vehicles. For example, there’s a battle pick-up rail gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy, and all the tanks on the map hover off the ground. We’re not sure what else sets these hover tanks apart from normal tanks, but they sound pretty cool.

The theme around this expansion pack is snow, and the maps were designed to reflect this. All maps will be infantry-focused with three of the four maps featuring heavy snowstorms. Dice has not put a release date on Final Stand, but you can help Dice out by testing all four maps pre-release in the Community Test Environment (CTE). Starting this week Dice will run servers with one of the four maps available to play. The maps will cycle each day, but the number of player slots and servers will be limited. If you really want to play these new maps we suggest you get online early each day.