EA Responds to iPhone 6 Announcement

EA is very excited for the iPhone 6, and is preparing a slew of new games for Apple’s latest phone. Frank Gibeau, Executive Vice President of EA Mobile, has revealed that the company has been working all summer on iOS 8, and that 15 games are currently in development.

“Here’s what was obvious: the combination of the beautiful screen, stronger processing power, better battery life and increased storage capacity tells us that we’re getting to next generation console-level capabilities with the new devices. Right in the palm of your hand,” wrote Gibeau on EA’s site.

“We’ve worked over the summer to be ready for the new OS, and we’ll be there in a couple of weeks with our full existing portfolio when iOS8 goes live. We also have a dozen games in the pipeline that will launch over the next year, and today we’re announcing the first three. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team will be available later this month. Then Peggle Blast and SimCity BuildIt will launch in the fall. All three are built specifically for mobile, and now with the capabilities of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, all three will be bigger and better when they hit over the next few months.”

The iPhone 6 was announced yesterday during a special Apple press conference. It will be available as a 4.7 model and a 5.5 Plus model, making these the largest iPhones ever. Apple is boasting a 50% graphics performance boost, which will make games run and look better than on any previous iPhone model.