OUYA Back to School Sale Discounts Many Games Until September 16

The OUYA Back to School sale has begun with some big savings.

  • Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition – $2.50
  • Boulder Dash: The Full Collection – $2.99
  • Final Fantasy III – $8.00
  • Ittle Dew – $3.50
  • LAZA KNITEZ – $2.50
  • Meltdown – $2.50
  • Rose and Time – $3.50
  • Shuttle Rush – $2.50
  • The Ball – $5.00

Of these games, Ittle Dew, Another World, LAZA KNITEZ, Meltdown, and Final Fantasy III are easy recommendations. In a strange move, FF III now lacks a free portion, so like Towerfall, it’s been moved to a pay-only app. Each of these games is really good in its own way, with Meltdown being one of most pleasant surprises on the system, and a great combination of action and strategy. Ittle Dew is a wonderful homage to the 2D overhead Legend of Zelda games, and has a wonderful sense of humor too.