New Pokémon Trailer Details Abilities for Groudon and Kyogre

Some big news about Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby was revealed by CoroCoro the other day. Now, there’s an official trailer the details new attacks and abilities of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. They each gain new, stronger abilities than what we’re used to. Groudon’s new one is Desolate Land which causes extreme drought. It renders all Water-type attacks useless and cannot be changed by weather-related attacks like Rain Dance. Groudon also unleashes piercing, jagged pillars with its Precipice Blades attack. Kyogre’s new ability is Primordial Sea which is the same as Groudon’s only with rain. Torrential downpours cause Fire-type moves to become ineffective and cannot be changed by weather moves like Sunny Day or Hail. It’s new attack is Origin Pulse which strikes opponents with ballistic orbs of water.

The video also debuts Rayquaza, the third member of the legendary trio. It’s unclear whether it will also have a Primal form or remain it’s usual self. You can see Rayquaza perform powerful attacks such as Draco Meteor. It will be interesting to see it face Kyogre or Groudon since its ability negates any weather changes. Also shown in the video are the new Mega Evolutions of Sharpedo, Camerupt and Gallade. They’re all showing off some attacks as well.