The Addams Family Pinball Kickstarter is Go!!!

After years of wishing, dreaming, and pointless wanting, the preliminaries are finally done and contracts ready to be signed.  The journey was long and obstacles many, but with the greatest efforts complete there’s only a little more to go before the dream is no longer wishful thinking.  Today sees the next step taken in an epic journey of creation.  Today is the launch of The Addams Family Kickstarter for The Pinball Arcade.

The reason for the Kickstarter is all down to licenses, which aren’t ever cheap, and the fact that The Addams Family had a huge cast fully integrated into the art and sound effects.  After much effort and negotiating the likenesses and licenses are ready to go, aside from Christopher Lloyd and Jimmy Workman.  Retouching Pugsley Addams’ face to avoid infringement is no big deal, but it’s going to be sad not seeing Christopher Lloyd’s Uncle Fester on the backglass, center drain, and sitting in toy electric chair.  Fortunately he didn’t have any (or more than a negligible amount of) voicework in the game, with the bulk being supplied by Raul Julia and the rest by Angelica Huston, so the audio should be perfect.

The Addams Family is easily the single most requested table in The Pinball Arcade, and also the most popular pinball of all time.  While expensive to license it should also be worth it, but its popularity works in favor for the fans.  Previous Pinball Arcade Kickstarters have had the entry-point for the table set at $10, but The Addams Family is the first to clock in at $7.  Still, for the more selective fan there’s options that range from less-cheap ($15 for the Pro table, with the operator menus open) to semi-expensive ($50 for non-tournament-compliant Addams Family themed pinballs that mess with table physics, usable on any game in The Pinball Arcade) to downright pricey ($100 for Addams Family Gold Edition, which was an actual limited edition of the original pinball).  The Gold Edition is currently providing nearly half of the Kickstarter take at the time of this writing, with 68 backers contributing $6,800 to the current $15,744 take.  It’s a good number and a nice start, and if they can keep up the momentum there’s no reason The Addams Family pinball shouldn’t reach its $97,640 goal.