FuRyu Teases Project Legacy On Countdown Site

Developer FuRyu is not very well known outside of Japan. The company already has a handful of games under its belt, including Lost Dimension, Last Bullet, and Jewelpet: Magical Dance In Style Deco! That exclamation mark is in the title, although I was also very excited to bring it to your attention. Unfortunately, none of these games have made their way outside Japan as of yet.

FuRyu is teasing some brand new project, however, on this countdown site. Titled “Project Legacy,” we are currently six days away from seeing just what FuRyu is hyping up. The countdown ends on the 20th, which just so happens to be the first day of the Tokyo game show. Coincidence? Impossible! We will most likely find out what FuRyu has in store at the Tokyo Game Show, and whatever it is it will unfortunately probably never leave┬áJapan.