Divinity: Original Sin’s First DLC Is Free

In an industry full of greed and consumer exploitation, it’s nice to find developers rewarding players for their support. And that’s exactly what Larian Studios has done with Divinity: Original Sin, the incredibly deep Kickstarted RPG we simply couldn’t stop playing.

The first piece of DLC, “The Bear and The Burglar” (which is completely free and available for download via Steam) features two new companions, general “quality-of-life” improvements and a thick layer of polish. The newest members of Divinity’s crew include Bairdotr, a bow-wielding huntress bent on rescuing the druid of the forest, and Wolgraff, a mute rogue that lines his pockets with the fortunes of others.

For a full list of updated features and content additions, click these words right here and enjoy yourself some new-and-improved RPG goodness.