Harmonix Signs Mobile Development Deal with Tilting Point Studios

Harmonix has announced that it has signed a new mobile game development deal with indie publisher Tilting Point Studios. Keeping with tradition, Harmonix will continue to make music-themed games, but for mobile platforms.

“Tilting Point has been instrumental in helping us to hone those ideas and to identify the ones that fit best with the mobile market,” Harmonix Co-Founder and Cheif Creative Officer Alex Rigopulos explained in a statement. “We’ve known for a long time that we needed a partner to help us succeed on mobile, and Tilting Point simply has the best offering for developers, providing the tools, talent, and experience to turn our ideas into hit games.”

As per the deal, Harmonix will be in charge of all game development.  Tilting Point, on the other hand, handles marketing, product management, monetization, data analysis, research, and funding for all future projects.

This announcement doesn’t mean that future console projects are dead. Fantasia: Music Evolved is still set to be released this fall on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and Amplitude HD is still set for 2015 on PS4 and PS3.