Ubisoft Explains Lack of French Accents In Assassin’s Creed Unity

If you watch gameplay and cutscenes of Assassin’s Creed Unity you’ll notice something quite odd. Despite taking place in France and all the characters being French, no French accents are used. Instead, the characters speak with British accents. This is quite confusing, so confusing in fact that Ubisoft are attempting to justify the change.

“The idea is that the Animus is translating everything into the language you’re playing in,” Creative Director Alex Amancio explains. “That’s why, since you’re an Anglophone, you’re hearing all the dialogue and cinematics in English. It would really make no sense for there to be a French accent because that would mean that this French character is trying to address you in accented English. Everyone in the game is not trying to speak English for your benefit.”

The question remains, why British? Historians know that animosity between the French and British was at an all time high during this era. Well, it all has to do with Hollywood who would typically replace French accents with British accents. While the main characters will have British accents, civilians in the street will speak French in the final product.

“The only lines that are going to be translated into English are gameplay-related elements that we need to convey to the player,” Amancio says. “Those parts will be in English. Everything else is in French. You’ll really have the immersion of walking around in Paris and hearing everyone speaking French.”

While Amancio may find it easy to wave aside this issue, fans of the franchise may not. All past Assassin’s Creed games have featured accents related to the game’s setting. Assassin’s Creed featured Middle-Eastern accents (asides from Altair); Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations featured Italian accents; Assassin’s Creed featured Native American speech and accents; and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag featured a variety of different accents from its large and varied cast.