Phenomenal Physics Puzzler Principia Proceeds Past Greenlight Prerequisite, Pursues Indiegogo Push

It’s uncommon to have a game that makes you think just about what it is, or, rather, what it could be. Principia is just that – a puzzle-adventure game with intricate physics and mechanics, where players can do everything from bumble about a 2.5-D world as a unicycle-riding, top-hat wearing avatar to create a working version of Breakout or a fully-operational AT-AT from the Star Wars universe.


Unsurprisingly, this massively ambitious game blew through Steam’s Greenlight platform, garnering the requisite amount of votes to be unleashed upon the platform’s 75-million-plus users. Made by Bithack, a Swedish five-man team whose first game Apparatus reached over three million players and was a Google Play Editor’s Choice app.


This small studio prides themselves on delivering intricate games that encourage and promote complex thinking, learning and creativity. Principia is a prime example of this ambition, enabling players to create any kind of construct imaginable, as well as mini-games ranging from Flappy Bird clones to top-down shooters.

Exciting and original, Principia will be released on PC and Mobile at a later date. Fund the project today on Indiegogo.