R-Type I and II Released on the OUYA

Less than a week after the Amazon Appstore version of R-Type was made available for free, and fully playable for OUYA owners who sideloaded the Amazon Appstore on their system, the game gets an official release on the OUYA. This revamped version of R-Type supports widescreen displays, and costs $3. R-Type II is also available on the Amazon Appstore, but if you’d like it tied to your OUYA account and optimized for the controller, then it will also set you back $3. DotEmu’s releases are some of the best on the Amazon Appstore since they will usually run just fine on the OUYA with minimal work. In this case, you just have to go through the menus with the touchpad and then nix the on-screen display. It’s a minor hassle, and saves you some money in the process.