Metrocide Targets October for Steam Release

It’s the year 20XX in some dystopian cyberpunk future. What career would you like to have? In Metrocide, you play as contract killer T.J. Trench. You must navigate the unfriendly¬†streets and execute your hits while hiding from the cities’ drones. It’s a tough life but Trench can (hopefully) handle it.

Metrocide is a mashup of stealth and action with a top-down perspective. The pixelated city is dark, dangerous, and full of things waiting to kill you – and they will kill you. As with roguelikes, death in Metrocide is permanent.

In an interesting twist, Metrocide was intially created for the Cyberpunk Game Jam earlier this year. However, Flat Earth Games decided to keep at it and create a full product. It is expected to launch in mid-October on Steam.