Pokémon Fairy Face-Off Registration is Open

The next competition in Pokémon XY’s fun battles continues with Fairy-types. Registrations are open now until September 25 and space is limited, so don’t put it off for later. The actual battling takes place September 26 and lasts until September 28.


Players can pick a team of six Pokémon but they all have to be Fairy-types. There are only 35 Fairy-types in the game but you won’t be able to use Xerneas or Diancie. Since there won’t be much to choose from, expect a lot of repeated opponents. One of the best choices for this competition is Mawile. It’s a Steel/Fairy-type and Fairy are already weak to Steel, so Mawile will fair well in battle, plus it goes mega. If you’re able to stock up on some Poison and Steel moves with your team, it should work out in your favor. Check here for more details.

The final online contest will most likely take place in October. It’s Halloween themed and you must have a Gourgeist with you. So, if you’re skipping on the Fairy Face-Off, then start working on the next team.