Road Redemption Launches on Steam Early Access – 10% Discount Until September 25

Last year, Road Redemption was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The folks at Dark Seas promised a game that would rekindle the love players had for Road Rash, and all indications are that they succeeded. Now, the game is available for purchase on Steam as an Early Access game. From September 18 until September 25, you can get a 10% discount on the game, taking it to $17.99. The game gives you the thrills of riding down the highway and bonking the daylights out of folks on your motorcycle, but in a more modern way. You’ve got a skill tree now, and can even do grabs and counters so things aren’t just a back and forth slap-fest. If you’ve got a room full of Road Rash fans, then the four-player splitscreen co-op should come in handy.