Bedlam Updated with New Arcade Modes

Early Access has such a wealth of games its hard to keep track of them all. One more recent addition to the service is Bedlam, based off the novel of the same title. In Bedlam, players are treated to a trek through FPS history.

Developer RedBedlam just updated the Early Access title with a handful of new features in their September content patch. Gameplay updates have come to both the Starfire and Death or Glory levels. German subtitles have also been introduced. The most notable update this time around though are the first arcade levels: Chilli Chomper and Guano Attack. Chilli Chomper is a first-person Pac Man where the ghosts wear sombreros. Guano Attack looks like a mashup of various space shooters.

With September’s update, there are now 15 levels and about 3 hours of content to play with. Bedlam is available for $19.99 on Steam.