Clock Tower Spiritual Successor Coming To Vita, iOS

As a horror game enthusiast, I don’t think the Clock Tower series ever got the love it deserved. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that when I first played the games, I was at an age in which I found shadows and clowns particularly terrifying (well, clowns are still terrifying), but the first couple games always managed to tickle that part of my brain that controls the flow of terror-pee. And in a world where so many modern horrors load you with enough weaponry to take over a small country, the Clock Tower series always made you feel as helpless as possible, forcing you to survive.

Thus, when Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kouno said he is working on developing the spiritual successor to the long dormant series, it is something that horror fans need to closely monitor. Kouno’s new company, Nude Maker, is already working on the project, tentatively titled ‘Project Scissors.’ And it’s not some low-budget dating sim as the company’s name might suggest. The game will be released on Vita, iOS, and Android, although the specifics of its release are too far off to have been fully hammered out at this point.

However, we do already know the basics of the story. The game starts aboard a luxury cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. Soon, a number of gruesome murders begin occurring among the passengers and crew, leaving the ship adrift and the remaining boarders isolated from help. You play as a passenger on the ship and are tasked with solving the murders before any more innocent victims can be claimed.

The story is promising and the game comes with quite the pedigree, even outside of Kouno. Masahiro Ito, responsible for the nightmarish creatures in the Silent Hill franchise, has joined as the key creature and prop designer, and the director of the Ju-On movie series, Takashi Shimizu, is on board as a creative producer (who’ll also be directing a live action trailer for the game in case you somehow aren’t excited yet).

Check back for more information as it’s made available.