Gamestop Investigating ‘Used DLC’ Market

Yes, you read that right.

A recent Ars Technica interview with Gamestop’s Executive Vice President Mike Hogan reveals that “used DLC” is actually a market that Gamestop is willing to investigate.

Hogan said that used DLC sales “would require a partnership between retailers and publishers, but absolutely, it could go that way.” Gamestop is “absolutely interested in pursuing that. There are lots of examples where people have taken digital content and made it transferable from one consumer to another.”

The DLC would, hypothetically, be played by one player, then could be sold to another user and then attached to the new license, through Gamestop’s intermediary position.

Hogan noted that Gamestop is “very bullish” on digital gaming, despite the digital market being regarded as a tombstone for retail stores years ago. Gamestop’s sales of digital currency in Steam cards and DLC vouchers have allowed them to co-exist with the rising digital marketplace.

Could this bizarre idea be the next big step for the company? Let us know in the comments below.