The Long Dark Arrives On Steam Early Access, Frozen Survival Begins

If you haven’t been keeping track of every single survival game that launches on Steam, you’re probably unfamiliar with The Long Dark. The game, taking place in the cold and dangerous Canadian wilderness, drops players in a sandbox of wolves, hunger, thirst and chills to fend for themselves. I know what you’re thinking: dangerous and Canada don’t really meld when the entire country is basically a giant Moose reservation.

Well, you’d be wrong to think that. I was.

In The Long Dark, you’ll be finding shelter, feeding your basic needs, dodging attacks from feisty wildlife and surviving as long as humanly possible. According to developer Hinterland Games, there will be a story campaign available in time. For now, the early access release provides both the sandbox mode and the ability to help shape development with suggestions and opinions.

The Long Dark is available now on Steam for $19.99.