Tsunami Cruiser Released on the OUYA

The early-to-mid aughts brought about a slew of Geometry Wars clones that were more than a little inspired by the mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 2. You know, the one that somehow outlasted the franchise it came from.

Most releases flooded the PC market, though, while console’s saw very few. Now, the OUYA has a great twin-stick shooter that wears its love for Geometry Wars on its sleeve: Tsunami Cruiser.

However, this game is more than a mere knock-off, as it takes the basic concept and changes it up a bit. You can’t move around the whole field like you can in Geometry Wars. Instead, you have to ride the ocean waves, where enemies will settle, drop bombs, and lob missiles at you. It’s an intense and fun game that also happens to be completely free, although donations of $1 are encouraged at the title screen.