Fallout Symphony Performance Taking Place in London On September 26 [Update]

One of the most iconic series’ in gaming is getting its moment in the spotlight — on stage, that is. After all, the Wasteland is riddled with radiation, ghouls, radscorpions and… some pretty catchy tunes.

rePLAY Symphony of Heroes will be hosting the event performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Choir. With the choir involved, it’s almost a given that they’ll be singing songs about chopped up meat and setting the world on fire — something sure to make the concert an amazing experience.

The group already has some other big name games under their belt. Also included in the concerts are the works of Journey, Final Fantasy and God of War. rePlay is currently on a world tour, and one of their next stops in America will be in Boston on November 21 to perform scores from the Legend of Zelda.

With only a couple of days to go, interested folk should get their tickets now. Be sure to call in advance with any questions about location and venue changes.


rePLAY reached out to us with an update on the show. Unfortunately, the concert taking place in London will be postponed until 2015. Full refunds are available to whomever bought tickets. The date and venue will be confirmed at a later date.