Pier Solar HD to Release on Some Systems Next Week, Others in the Future

Well, wasn’t that about the vaguest headline you’ve ever read. We didn’t intend it to be so, but honestly, it makes sense once you read the whole article. Back in 2010, WaterMelon Co. released a Sega Genesis RPG entitled Pier Solar and the Great Architects. (That’s right, a Genesis game was released in 2010. That was a thing that happened.) After its release, they talked about porting the game to modern consoles. That has seemingly been in the works for an eternity, as the game was rocked with various delays and holdups. Next week, however, that changes.

Pier Solar HD will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC (Steam) and Ouya next Tuesday, September 30. The sprite-based, old-school RPG is still pending certification for Wii U and Xbox One, so those versions, alongside a Sega Dreamcast version (yep, that’s a thing, too), will be announced for release sometime in October.

For a look at this gem, take a gander at the trailer below.