Rocksmith 2014 Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One

There’s an alarming lack of rocking-out being done on current-gen consoles. Between Sony’s early musical omissions and the general decline of rhythm games, those wishing to strum along with the greats, learn to pick-up girls on community college campuses or release some pent-up aggression through Coldplay’s Yellow are in a jam — and not the fun, loud, piss-off-your-neighbors kind.

Ubisoft is taking lead in fixing things by releasing a 1080p, HD upgrade of Rocksmith 2014 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rocksmith 2014, the “how to” rhythm game that we loved for reasons you should read about here, will take advantage of both consoles streaming capabilities, feature over 50 tracks and bring all the learnin’, burnin’ jam sesh’s your eyes, ears and mind-brain can handle.

Additionally, any songs purchased from the games available 300 track library will transfer over from last-gen consoles. Rocksmith 2014 launches November 4, 2014.