Yakuza 0 Asia Version to Possibly Support English Language Option

Yes, it’s of no secret that Sega hates the West. Or so it seems, since they have conveniently left PSO2, Yakuza 5 and Yakuza Ishin off the Western release calendars. However, they do seem to love releasing English versions of their much adored games in Asian regions. That appears to be the case with their forthcoming Yakuza 0 title. At Tokyo Game Show, Sega’s Masayoshi Yokoyama, one of the writers for the Yakuza franchise, talked with the games media about this very topic.

Q: This is the first game in the Yakuza series to come to China. Will the other ones be available some day as well?
A: Well, if they sell! We would love to say that of course they’re coming, but it will all depend on how successful this installment is. We want to see what kind of response this title gets. Right now there are no plans to bring the others to China.

Q: Why is this version coming to Asia now?
A: In the past, we did some research. But what will tell us more information is if we actually release a game, right? If we sell it we can get some hard numbers. We thought, well, let’s try it and see.

Q: Why set Yakuza 0 in this era?
A: Well, simply put, this installment takes place in an era before the first game. We wanted to tell the story of how these characters came to be who they were in the first game, how Kazuma Kiryuu became The Dragon of Dojima — how his legend started. We had wanted to tell this kind of story before but hadn’t had the opportunity. Since we’re moving to PS4 development, we took this as an opportunity to “reset” a little bit, and we wanted to introduce the series and systems to a new generation of consoles, since Ishin wasn’t really connected to anything. Now, this time, well, “let’s move on to 6″ is something we thought, but the timing seemed right [for something else]. So why don’t we try moving backwards and do 0? It really felt like a chance that wouldn’t come again, and all the pieces were in place.

So there you have it; looks like we English-speakers may be able to play this bad boy after all. That very idea gets us excited beyond belief. Stayed tuned for more information as it comes down the pipe.