Platinum Games’ The Legend of Korra Gets Behind-the-Scenes Video

Platinum Games’ highly anticipated The Legend of Korra game is looking to be more than your typical licensed title, especially if the new behind-the-scenes teaser video holds true.

A new video featuring brief commentary from members of Platinum Games and Activision details the early beginnings of the project and how Platinum Games became involved with the series’ adaptation.

Platinum Games producer Atsushi Kurooka details his interest in the series’ signature action and talks about being approached by Activision to deliver a worthwhile adaptation. Kurooka also notes that fans of past Platinum Games projects will find the game to have “a difficulty level which suits their expectations,” while teasing the game’s final boss to “[have] Platinum Games written all over it.”

Activision producer Robert Conkey also shares his experiences with being approached by Nickelodeon for publishing the project.

The Legend of Korra is set to release on Playstation Network and PC on October 21 and Xbox Live Arcade the following day. Check out the new trailer below.