New Free-To-Play MMO Might & Magic Heroes Online Gets Announced, Now Live

Perhaps we’ve all been living under rocks. Seemingly out of nowhere, Ubisoft has quietly announced that the latest chapter of Might & Magic Heroes is an Online MMORPG, free-to-play, and live right now.

According to Ubisoft’s latest press release, players in English speaking territories will now have access to Blue Byte’s fully localized online role-playing game by signing up at

This announcement may come as a surprise to some, as most fans of the Might & Magic Heroes franchise know that Might & Magic Heroes VII is still in development (currently slated for release some time in 2015).  In 2008, a Chinese developer had released Heroes Of Might & Magic Online (going under the series’ previous naming convention), and there really hasn’t been much mention of an official Online version of the game — evidently, Might & Magic Heroes Online has been held closely under wraps.

For those unfamiliar with the series itself, Heroes is a turn-based fantasy-themed world in which players control armies of mythical creatures. The eventual goal is to have dominated the entire land by either sacking surrounding kingdoms, or winning allies through the bonds of diplomacy and friendship. Along the way there are various treasures and mystery elements to fight for on the board.

Heroes Online is a full-scale adaptation of the Might & Magic Heroes franchise with improved graphics, combining the classic gameplay elements of the Heroes titles with online features such as guilds, friends, and co-op. Users can pick up their Heroes amongst the Haven or Necropolis factions, recruit creatures with which to develop their army and collect magic artifacts to assist them in combat.

During a limited beta held earlier this year, Might & Magic Heroes Online introduced a multitude of new features including siege battles, forgotten side quests, and a player vs player arena. Blue Byte and Ubisoft have been listening to player feedback and incorporating community ideas in hopes to make Heroes Online the “most accessible game of the series while still offering challenges for both veterans and new players.”