Cavern Kings Tunnels From Kickstarter to Early Access at Lightning Speed

So that was fast!  Starting on August 1, Cavern Kings blew through its Kickstarter goal in under five days, nailed a few stretch goals by the Kickstarter’s end on August 31, completed the Steam Greenlight gauntlet on September 3, and as of today it’s available via Early Access.

That’s two months since the start of its Kickstarter to landing on Steam, which must be some kind of record.*  We really liked what we saw of the demo when the campaign went live, and since that time the game has only expanded with more content, monsters, power-ups, and, of course, explosions.

To put those links in perspective, this article makes me the third editor here at Hardcore Gamer to go out of their way to write about Cavern Kings, which is fairly unusual. Apparently there’s something about cute and brutal high-adrenaline run & jump action in randomly-generated underground arenas rendered in crisp and lively 2D pixel art that sets our hearts aflutter. It’s always nice to know we’re not some kind of subhuman monsters, isn’t it?

The teeny-tiny demo for beta b10 is still available over at It’s been updated quite a bit since then, but that 5MB download should provide all the proof necessary of Cavern Kings’ general level of awesomeness.

*Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is close, at a bit under three months, but to be fair to Giana Sisters it was released complete rather than Early Access so maybe its crown is still safe.